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the idea that a presidential, that a party can hold on to the white house for three terms in a row is very, very rare, it's very difficult, and the idea that hillary clinton is the woman who can do that i find a little unlikely. i don't think barack obama's popularity transfers to her. if you watch that "60 minutes" interview with hillary clinton and barack obama, you could see why barack obama is more popular than hillary clinton as a politician, because he's a much more dynamic and engaging personality, and hillary just did not seem like she was a particularly interesting person or exciting person to listen to or follow. jon: "the washington post" is out with a poll on gay marriage that is kind of an outlier. the fox news poll and other polls taken til now have said the country is pretty evenly split on whether or not gay marriage is a good thing, so why make that sort of the first shot out of the cannon, if you will, if this is, in fact, a presidential campaign? >> well, i think part of it is the pressure was on the democratic party among the donor base which is wildly pro-gay marriage.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1